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Cleanaway are using the site to initially store and grind the green waste, and within three days of receival transfer to a composting facility. Enviromix accept, grind up and compost the green waste within approximately six-weeks. The Cleanaway green waste transfer station moved out of the area at the end of January with some site clean-up works still occurring. The Enviromix site is expected to close by the middle of , meaning after that time there should be no green waste odour in the area.

Most landfill sites have surrendered their landfill licence with the exception of the Victory Road Landfill. The notice also requires landfill owners to develop rehabilitation plans, aftercare management plans and monitoring programs to provide confidence to EPA and the community that best practice pollution abatement management is being applied at all sites.

EPA is focusing on the following issues at the landfill sites likely contributing to odour in the area:. Leachate is the water that collects contaminates in the waste moving through a landfill. It varies in composition depending on the age of the landfill and the type of waste it contains. Leachate can pollute the surrounding groundwater and block the landfill gas extraction system from extracting the gas, so it is vital that the landfill owners appropriately manage the leachate well into the future.

A hydrogeological assessment has been required from each site to assess the impact of leachate on the surrounding groundwater quality and its impact on the landfill gas extraction system. In addition, a number of sites are participating in a Regional Groundwater study which is assessing the regional impact to groundwater from having numerous landfills located next to each other.

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The Audit has been conducted since with the final audit due in June The audit, conducted by an independent environmental auditor, will provide an assessment on groundwater quality in the Clayton South area and to recommend actions to clean up and lower any future risk of groundwater pollution.

EPA will continue to monitor groundwater quality in the area post the audit. Landfill gas is produced from the rotting of waste in the landfills and may pollute the air odour and land surrounding the landfill if not adequately controlled. EPA requires all closed landfills to meet specific limits at the surface and at the boundary of their sites through strict requirements in their PCPANs.

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Futhermore, EPA has required many of the sites to prepare and implement landfill gas risk assessments. These risk assessments aim to increase extraction of landfill gas — which prevents landfill gas from causing odours and other gas-related issues. Landfill gas risk assessments are verified by external Environmental Auditors.

A number of recommendations to improve landfill gas extraction systems have been included in the risk assessments and are being implemented at the landfill sites. EPA will continue working with EDL and the landfill operators to improve the landfill gas extraction network to collect more landfill gas and reduce the risk of landfill gas escaping the landfills through the surface and underground through the sides of the landfills.

Inspections and operational audits conducted by independent environmental auditors have identified the site has high leachate levels and landfill gas management issues, potentially resulting in emissions of landfill gas and groundwater pollution.

Osage Landfill, Inc.

The landfill further received a Pollution Abatement Notice requiring further extensive monitoring and a Landfill Gas Risk Assessment to be completed with auditor verification which was submitted in December EPA will require further landfill gas management works in and a review of the risk assessment by the end of November to assess how successful the works have been. Leachate Clayton Regional Landfill submitted a hydrogeological assessment a report of how the leachate at the landfill is potentially impacting groundwater quality in as required by EPA.

The report highlighted leachate levels at the landfill contaminated water produced by the rotting of waste need to be lowered to avoid leachate polluting the groundwater and preventing extraction of landfill gas on site as high leachate levels block the landfill gas extraction points. The landfill has a leachate extraction and treatment system and EPA will be requiring further works to upgrade the efficiency of the system and further assessment in Fraser Road Landfill stopped accepting waste in and currently has intermediate cover over the waste.

Rehabilitation will commence in , consisting of:. Environmental audits conducted at the site has found the site has high leachate levels and landfill gas management issues, which are potentially causing landfill gas emissions and groundwater pollution.

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A Pollution Abatement Notice was issued in March after a Hydrogeological Assessment was completed, requiring further leachate management including further monitoring and assessment of what is required to extract more leachate from the site and an update of their existing Hydrogeological Assessment. EPA is expecting a report on the outcome of the notice by the end of April Landfill gas. Fraser Road Landfill continues to have landfill gas exceedances through the ground on some sections of the northern and eastern boundary. In , Cleanaway conducted a number of upgrades to the system.


EPA has since observed some improvement in landfill gas emissions. Further assessment is required in to assess the success of the works being undertaken and further actions will be required in the event of future landfill gas emission exceedances. Deals Road Landfill stopped accepting waste in May and currently has an intermediate cover over the waste consisting of clay until capping starts in The timeframe of capping may be brought forward depending on the progress of the rehabilitation at the Fraser Road Landfill.

Inspections and environment audits of the Deals Road Landfill have highlighted the site has high leachate levels and landfill gas issues which can potentially lead to offsite emissions of landfill gas and groundwater pollution.

Cleanaway - Clayton Transfer Station

Leachate A hydrogeological assessment was completed for the landfill in June The site did not meet their interim target leachate levels. EPA has issued A. Baxter Cleanaway with a Pollution Abatement Notice to re-assess timelines and volumes of leachate that need to be extracted to meet target leachate levels to avoid groundwater pollution. EPA will be issuing further notices in to ensure target leachate levels are being met. Landfill gas The Deals Road Landfill is currently exceeding landfill gas action levels at the boundary of the site.

Baxter Cleanaway to provide a Landfill Gas Risk Assessment by the end of February to assess the current risks of landfill gas offsite and what infrastructure is required to improve the landfill gas extraction system to meet landfill gas action levels required under EPA policy. Auditor verification of the risk assessment is required. Victory Road Landfill stopped accepting waste in November The green waste transfer station was located on the southern boundary of the site and was relocated to Dandenong South in early The site is currently being rehabilitated and will be turned into a recreational park, managed by the City of Kingston.

Summary Emissions Transfers Download Map. Report Details:. Reporting Year:. Subthreshold Report:. Data period start:. Data period end:. June 30, Other reports for this facility:.